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Rizer, Martin

Name Street Town State From To
Rizer, Martin   Wills Town, Allegany County Maryland    
Rizer, Martin   Allegany County Maryland 1779  
Rizer, Martin   Cumberland Allegany County Maryland 1798  

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Martin I Rizer and his wife Amma were one of the first settlers of Wills Town. In 1755 their son Martin II was born. He or his father was connected in the gunmaking business with Philip Sheets, Matinsburg, Virginia. Legal action agains him or his father in 1789 and sentence to eight days to prison. He had personal assets of $135 in Cumberland.

His apprentices were:
Daniel Sells as of August 13, 1799,
John Riley as of December 13, 1803,
Bazel Smith Jr, as of August 31, 1805,
John Cumberly Jr, as of January 22, 1814

Martin II Rizer died in 1815

Close to Emmitsburg School

Maker of Kentucky style rifles and pistols

Carved Flintlock Kentucky Rifles, full stock, with set-trigger and patchbox on the but of Martin are from about $4500 to $6500

Wills Town and Cumberland The second Martin Rizer was born before 1755 a son of Martin I and Anna Rizer. He or his father was connected in the gunmaking business with Philip Sheetz in Martinsburg, (West) Virginia, and there were legal actions against him in 1789. He or his father was then imprisoned for eight days. After disposing of his 400 acres of Berkeley County property he settled in the Wills Town area. He was recorded as having personal assets of $135.00 in Cumberland Its Foundation and Growth. Daniel Sells was apprenticed to him to learn the art or trade of gunsmith on August 13, 1799. John Riley was also bound for the gunsmith trade on December 13, 1803 and Bazel Smith Jr. on August 31, 1805. On January 22, 1814, John Cumberly Jr. became his student to learn blacksmithing. Martin II died in 1815 and his estate was appraised on January 4, 1816. For further reference, see Arms Makers of Maryland. For additional information see Maryland Longrifles Hartzler/Whisker.