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Resor, Peter

Name Street Town State From To
Resor, Peter   Franklin County Pennsylvania 1793 1823

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

He belongs to the Lancaster School

Maker of Kentucky style rifles and pistols

Hagerstown, Maryland. Peter was one of the sons of Mathias Roesser and learned the gunsmith trade from his father in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When his father died in 1771 he acquired the family homestead, but sold it to his brother-in-law Jacob Kraft, who was also a gunsmith. About 1785 Peter and his family moved to Elizabeth Town where he continued his trade. During the War of 1812 he moved about 15 miles up the Valley to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and spent his later years in Lancaster where he died in 1823. For further reference, see Arms Makers of Maryland. For additional information see Maryland Longrifles Hartzler/Whisker.