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Quackenbush, Henry Marcus

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Quackenbush, Henry Marcus   Herkimer New York 1871 1920

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Born in 1847 died in 1933. Mad an apprenticeship at Remington Arms Company. When being 24 years of age he got his first gun patent which was for the EUREKA air pistol. His first air rifles were made in 1876. H.M. Quackenbush Company made a variety of .22 r.f. caliber rifles, and air guns in .175 caliber, .21 caliber, .215 caliber and .25 caliber.

H.M. Quackenbush, Inc. is still existing today but no longer manufacturing guns.

.22 short r.f. caliber, single shot rifles, side swing breech, takedown

.22 long r.f. caliber, single shot rifle, side swing breech, takedown

left-side right-side

1887 patented air rifle, nickel finish and walnut stock