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Providence Tool Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Providence Tool Co.   Providence Rhode Island 1834 1885

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
War Department July 13th, 1861 25.000 Model 1861 rifle muskets
War Department Noverber 26th, 1861 25.000 Model 1861 rifle muskets
War Department May 1st, 1864 32.000 Model 1861 rifle muskets

With beginning of the Civil War the former hardware manufacturer expanded its line to light cavalry sabers and manufactured Model 1861 rifle muskets for the War Departement.

.58 caliber percussion, 40" round barrel with 3 bands, marked US S/PROVIDENCE TOOL CO/PROVIDENCE RI

right side

At the end of the war the company stayed in the gun business. On October 26 1864 they signed an agreement with Henry O. Peabody for manufacturing his breachloader. On March 15, 1865 they did the same fordecided to the Ball breachloading repeater. They abandoned Ball upon the success of the Peabody rifle at the government trials at Spingfield in 1865.

Between 1865 and 1871 Providence Tool Company sold Peabody rifles to
Canada (3000),
Switzeland (15000),
Roumania (25000),
Spain (10000) and
France (39000)
and had been tested in Turky in 1872. Peabody arms were also issued to
National Guards in Connecticut, Massachusetts and South Carolina.

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The company manufactured about 600000 of Peabody-Martini (which were in fact Martini-Henry rifles) for the Turks. But as the payment by the Turkish Government faild or was delayed the company could not longer meet its financial obligations and sold the entire gunmaking machinery on July 1, 1882. Legaly Providence Tool Company ceased to exist in 1885 when the company suspended payments.