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Porter, Rufus

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Porter, Rufus   Billerica Massachusetts    

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Born in 1792 and died in 1884. Though Rufus Porter mainly worked as mural painter he hold a huge number of patents of all sorts. It is worth to read his Biographie which I found on the Web site of

"The Rufus Porter Museum and Cultural Heritage Center"

In 1844 he invented a revolving rifle and sold it to Colt for $100.

There seems being an other Porter revolver invented in 1826 (patent unknown, burned or never requested) which was probably made by Joseph H. Center, Bosten.
Papers in the Connecticut State Library described the mechanism
"This gun had a revolving cylinder containing nine chambers or receivers; and the cylinder was put in motion by means of a horizontal triangle which was mounted on a small vertical arbor, and on each point of which was a bail, which occasionally occupied a small cavity in the end of the cylinder,-two balls fitting two cavities at the same time when at rest;-and a latch which being attached by a screw to the right side of the cork projected forward over the triangle, and having a book at the forward end which took hold of the right arm of the triangle; so that when the cork was drawn back, the triangle, and by it the cylinder, was brought into another position for discharge."