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Pomeroy, Lemuel

Name Street Town State From To
Pomeroy, Lemuel   Pittsfield Massachusetts 1795 1846

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
U.S. Army, May 17, 1823 muskets
Government, February 26, 1840 6400 Model 1840 flintlock musket

Lemuel Pomeroy bought the Whitney Forge in Pittsfield from Jason Mills. He finished the contract of Mills for Model 1798 flintlock muskets.

.69 caliber flintlock, marked L. POMEROY PITTSFIELD/ED.

.69 caliber flintlock, 42" barrel, made from 1840 to 1846. Production was so about 6400 however in other records 1000 more are mentionned. Many or almost all of them were altered to percussion. Pomeroy got the pattern of the Model 1840 musket from Harpers Ferry.