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Pim, John

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Pim, John Ann-Street near the Draw Bridge Boston Massachusetts 1680 1722

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About 1680, John Pim sold a revolver with cylinder rotation as invented by John Dafte, England so around 1850. Pim fixed the barrel with a wedge.

Very likely Samuel Colt was inspired by Dafte and Pim. The wedge to fix the barrel on his early percussion revolvers was similar to that of Pim and the single action system of Colt, patented in 1835 was close to that of Dafte. 1830/1831 Colt met Elisha Hayden Collier and visited the firearms exhibition of the Tower of London, which contains some of the very early revolving guns.

In 1722 Samuel Niles (author of a view books and "History of the Indian and French Wars") recorded that certain Indians were also entertained with the sight of a curious gun, made by Mr. John Pim of Boston, - a curious piece of workmanship, - which though loaded but once, yet was discharged eleven times following, with bullets, in the space of two minutes each of which went through a double door at fifty yards' distance.

This could well have been the gun that patented in 1664 in London by Abraham Hill. The Hill mechanisme was copied by several other English gunsmiths, notably John Cookson. An other John Cookson (1676 - 1762) probably a lineal descendant, was a gunsmith in Massachusetts. He advertised in the Boston Gazette of April 12 and April 26, 1756 that he could make a repeating arm similar to those mady by Hill and his forebear.

Advertisement from Boston Newsletter, July 11, 1720
"To be sold by John Pim of Boston, Gunsmith, at the Sign of the Cross GUns, in Anne-Street near the Draw Bridge, at very Reasonable rates, sundry choise of Arms lately arrived from London, viz. Handy Muskets, Buccaneer-Guns, Fowling Pieces, Hunting Guns, Carbines, several sorts of Pistols, Brass and Iron, fashionable swords."