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Phips, James

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Phips, James     Maine 1643  

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Born in 1610 or 1615 in Mangotsfield, England, son of William Phips a blacksmith in that town. At of 15 he become an apprentice to John Brown, blacksmith in Bristol. Possibly minor repairs on guns were made at Brown's shop.

In early Main records a John Brown, blacksmith form Bristol were living in Pemaquid in the 1630s.

Probably James and Mary Phips of Bristol went to America on one of the 6 ships sent with sellters by Elbridge of Bristol in 1838 and 1839. In 1639 John Brown and Edwards Bateman purchased land from the Indians non Woolwich, Maine. Until 1646 James and Mary lived in an area. Probably he worked for Brown.

About 1646 or 1647 they moved to Pemaquid and set up a blacksmith and gunsmith business. Their son, the later Sir William Phips, governor of Massachusetts, was born in Pemaquid in 1651. James died already in 1654.

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