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Philadelphia Rifle Manufactory

Name Street Town State From To
Philadelphia Rifle Manufactory 29 Green street and 33 Coate's street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1808 1810
Philadelphia Rifle Manufactory 374 North Front Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1811  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Belonged to Henry Deringer (Jr. or Sr. ?)

Following advertisemet was found in the Aurora General Adverticer 19 October 1810
Philadelphia Rifle Manufactory
Rifles, Muskets, Fowling pieces, Pistols, Swords, &
of all dimensions, manufactured and sold
by Henry Deringer
29 Green street and 33 Coate's Street, N. Liberties,

WHERE articles of the above description are repaired
at low rates.
H.D. returns his grateful thanks to the officers of the
U. States, his customers, and the public, for past favors, and
assures them, that he will use his endeavors to merit a con-
tinuance of the patronage which they have heretofore be-
Orders from any part of the U.States, will receive
immediate attention.

In the General Advertiser of March 25, 1811 he informed about his move to 374 North Front Street. No longer swords figured in his advertisement.

On November 27, 1812 and on June 16, 1813 he each delivered 100 horseman swords to the State of Maryland

No sword of Henry Deringer is known. Probably he bought them from a local sword manufacturer.