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Palmer, Courtlandt C.

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Palmer, Courtlandt C.   New York New YOrk 1850s  

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Contract for

Courtlandt C. Palmer, brother of William Palmer, got the Hunt, Arrowsmith and Jennings patents in 1850 for $ 100.000. He contracted with Robbins & Lawrence to produce guns. It is believed that almost 2’000 (others says only 1’000) of these guns were manufactured until the year 1852. Most of the production was in single shot or later altered to single shot, as the mechanism was not practical.

One of Robbins & Lawrence’s employees was Benjamin Tyler Henry who later became famous for his cartridge and for the Henry rifle. On other was Daniel B. Wesson (Smith & Wesson).

In 1850 or 1851 Palmer engaged Horace Smith (Smith & Wesson) to supervise the Jenning's gun production and to do improvements (patent 8317 assigned to Palmer).

The produced Hunt, Jennings or Smith & Jennings guns had not a huge commercial effect and therefore Palmer stopped the production in 1852. However, Smith and Wesson continued improving the gun. Most probably, they stayed in contact with Palmer.

In 1854, Smith and Wesson and Palmer created Smith & Wesson. This company held the right of the Hunt, Jennings and Smith patents. In July 1855 this company was dissolved and a new company under the name of Volcanic Repeating Arms Company. Besides Palmer, Smith and Wesson also Oliver F. Winchester held a part of the capital.

Volcanic Repeating Arms Company moved to New Haven in 1856 and Smith and Wesson left the company to produce only revolvers (second foundation of Smith & Wesson).

Shortly afterwards Volcanic Repeating Arms Company went bankrupt. Winchester bought all the rights of that company and the inventory for $ 39’000 in 1857. A new company, the New Haven Arms Company was founded on April 3, 1857. Winchester had the majority of the capital in his hands.

In 1858 or at least 1859, he engaged Benjamin Tyler Henry who just had finished his Henry rim fire cartridge. New Haven Arms Company became the famous Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1866.