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Orr, Hugh

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Orr, Hugh   Bridgewater Massachusetts 1738 1798

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Born January 13, 1717 at Lochwiniock, Scotland where he learned the gunsmith work. In 1737 he moved to America. The first year he lived in Easton and then went to Bridgewater whrere he built a shop and set up the first trip-hammer. His main business was the manufacturion of scythes, axes and was for many years the only maker of edgetools.

1748 he made 500 musquets for the province of Massachusetts Bay.

During the Revolutionary War, he set up a fondery for the cating of cannons. They were cast solid and bored, most of iron and a fef of brass.

He was elected a Senator for the County of Plymouth and a confidential frined of GOvernour Bowdoin. Huge Orr died December 1798. ( Travels in New-England and New-York, Volume 2 by Timothy Dwight, published 1821)