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Norwich Arms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Norwich Arms Co.   Norwich Connecticut 1863 1865

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
War Department, April 1st, 1864 10.000 Model 1861 rifle muskets
War Department, October 16th, 1864 15.000 Model 1861 rifle muskets

Norwich Arms was formed to supply arms during the Civil War. They stopped all business shortly after the War.

The manufacture capacity was 200 muskets as well as 200 Armstrong and Taylor breech-loading carbines per day.

.58 caliber percussion, Model 1861 Rifle, single shot, 40" round barrel

left side
right side

U.M.C. Arms Co. ?

Manufactured either by Bliss & Goodyear (patent date) or under contract by Hood who controlled the Norwich Arms Co.

.32 r.f. caliber, 5 shot single action revolver, flat frame, fluted cylinder, 2 5/16" octagonal barel, bridhead rubber grips, nickled, marked NORWICH ARMS CO. 32 PAT'D APR: 23, 1878