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Norris, Samuel

Name Street Town State From To
Norris, Samuel   Springfield Massachusetts 1863  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Remington allowed S. Norris to contract with the Government to produce 1.000 Remington Split-Breech Carbines in .44 r.f. caliber. Norris ordered Savage Revolving Fire Arms Company, Middletown, Connecticut and order for 10.000 guns as Savage would not accept such a small order for only one thousand guns. Since Savage had problems to produce the 1.000 carbines for the government, Norris asked for a larger contract. A new contract for totally 5.000 guns (the initial 1.000 were included) was signed on January 19, 1865. The delivery of these 5.000 .44 caliber carbines was made in summer of the same year and non was used during the Civil War.

In September 1864 the Ordnance Department decided for an uniform rimfire cartridge which was the Springfield .50 r.f. They offered Remington an contract for 15.000 of these larger frame Split-Breech Carbines. First delivery was made by September 1865 and the last of the 15.000 carbines were delivered on May 24, 1866.