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Nichols and Childs

Name Street Town State From To
Nichols and Childs   Conway Massachusetts 1838 1840

Patent Date Remarks
707 April 24, 1838 Patent drawing
Patent drawing, page 2
Specification 2nd page
Specification 3rd page

Contract for

.34 caliber percussion, 6 shot Belt Model Single ActionRevolver, 5 7/8 half round half octagonal barrel, marked NICHOLS & CHILDS/PATENT/CONWAY/MASS.

The cylinder revolves as the hammer is pulled. The lever on the left side of the frame serves to force the cylinder forward to engage barrel breech on firing.
It is believed that only 25 revolvers have been made.

left side
right side
right side closer look

.40 caliber rifles with kentucky style buttstocks and patchbox, hand revolved
About 150 rifles and shotguns were made.