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Morgan & Clapp

Name Street Town State From To
Morgan & Clapp 2 Bridge Street, corner of Water Street New Haven Connecticut 1864 1867

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Founded by Lucius Morgan and Clapp in 1864. It is presumed that Clapp was Everett Clapp, treasurer of Starr Arms Company in 1864. Clapp went to New York in 1868 or 1869 and formed Alford, Fall & Clapp (Alonzo Alford, Asa Far and Clapp). They listened in the Carroll's New York City business direcotry as successors to Morgan & Clapp. Became Alford, Burkele & Clapp in 1871 and Burkele & Clapp in 1872

.22 caliber.single shot pistol, spur trigger

.30 r.f. caliber, single shot pistol, spur trigger, manufactured from 1864 to 1866, production was about 500
left side right side

.32 caliber.single shot pistol, spur trigger