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Moores Patent Firearms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Moores Patent Firearms Co.   Brooklyn New York 1860 1866

Patent Date Remarks
38,321 April 28, 1863 Improvement in Revolving Fire-Arms
See Daniel Moore
See also David Williamson and Williamson Moore Firearms Company

Contract for

Moore revolver
In 1866 renamed as the National Arms Company, bought by Colt in 1870.

.32 teatfire caliber, to bypass Rolin White's patent
left side
right side

other one, left side
right side

Moore front loader
left side of front loader
right side of front loader

Moore Belt revolver
.32 r.f. caliber, 7 shot revolver, 4", 5" and 6 o ctagonal barrel, marked D.MOORE PATENT SEPT.18. 1860 some were marked in additonal MF'D FOR SMITH & WESSON (patent infringement fall 1862), swing-out cylinder, several thousands were made from 1860 to 1863, 3376 guns were turned over to Smith & Wesson, about 7000 where made this would means that so about 3600 were sold before fall 1862

No 1993, 5" left side
No 1993, cylinder opened for loading
No 1993, right side and cartridge

Belt Revolver, 5" left side
Belt Revolver, 5" right side

Belt Revolver, 6" left side
Belt Revolver, 6" right side