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Meylin, Martin

Name Street Town State From To
Meylin or Mylin, Martin   Pequea Valley Pennsylvania 1710 1745

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Martin Meylin, born 1670 in Switzerland (Zurich?), died 1749 in Pennsylvania, maried to Anna Rutgen. Probably they came to Pennsylvania in 1710. In 1719 he bought the first gun factory with a boring mill in Lancaster County on Mylin's Run, Lampeter Township.

Meylan was the owner of the earliest known gun shop in Pennslyvania and it is believed that he developed the Pennsylvania Rifle (called Kentucky rifle as wideley used by Kentucky sharp shooters in the 1812 War).

Meylin grooved (rifling) the barrel which made the gun accurate up to 300 yards. A marker of this evenement is at the intersection of Eshelman Mill Road and Long Rifle Road at Willow street near Lancaster. A Martin Maylin's Gunshop marker is at 0.2 miles north of Beaver Valley Road, Willow Street, Pennsylvania on the right when traveling north. His shop is still standing.

The forerunners of the Pennsylvania long rife were built by Germand gunsmiths in Pennsylvania so about 1725.