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Merrill, Latrobe and Thomas

Name Street Town State From To
Merrill, Latrobe & Thomas   Illion New York 1850s 1860

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
? in 1855 (probably in may) 170 carbines for $6000 based on James H. Merrill patent

Founded by James H. Merrill, the brothers Philip Thomas, Lewin Thomas and Ferdinand C. Latrobe.

Became Merrill, Thomas & Co. in 1860 or 1861 when Ferdinand Latrobe left the company in 1860.

.58 caliber percussion, with Maynard tape primer, all made before the Civil war, have seen war use. These guns were manufactured at the E. Remington factory in Illion, New York as Merrill, Tatrobe and Thomas did not have sufficiant production capacities.