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Meier, Adolphus

Name Street Town State From To
Meier, Adolphus Ninth near Bremen Avenue St. Louis Missouri 1842 1865

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

.58 caliber percussion, double barrel rifle, side by side, half octagonal barrel

Most likely other spelling of Adolphus Meir.

Adolphus Meier was one of the leading citizens of St. Louis. He participated at the Senatorial Excursion Party of Union Pacific Railway for the Senators Yates, Chandler, Howe and Trumbull. A banquet was given by the City Council and Merchants Exchange, at the Southern Hotel in St. Louis on June 14, 1867.

He is reported as president of the Good Samaritan Hospital, Jefferson Avenue, St. Louis.

A further reference to him could be found on page 117 of the Veto of the Inflation Bill of 1874.

Adolphus Meier still figured in the St. Louis Business Directory of the 1890s for the year 1899

In the 1870s an Adolphus Meier were trustee of the Arkansas Valley Railway Company and figures in the United States Pacific Railway Commission Report of 1887. He was defenitly actively engaged in the Railway business in the 1870s and 1880s. Probably he withdraw of this business in 1887. See also U.S. Circuit court for the District of Kansas, Adolphus Meier vs. KPRR, New York, September 28, 1878.

The Western Historical Manuscript Collection, Columbia preserves somes documents about Adolphus Meier and his company. Other information is in the Gateway Heritage Index of the Missouri Historical Society Press of 1995, available at the Missouri Historical Society's Library and Research Center.

See also Adolphus Meir & Co. respectively Adolphus Meier & Co.