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Marston, Stanhope Walter

Name Street Town State From To
Marston, Stanhope Walter 197 Allen St. New York City New York 1844 1846
Marston, Stanhope Walter   New York City New York 1847 1850s

Patent Date Remarks
7,887 January 7, 1851 Improved Fly-Tumbler Lock for Fire-Arms
Patent drawing

Contract for

His real name was Stanhope Walter Marston. He maried Mary Ridgden on August 11, 1831 and is the father of W.W. Marston.
They left England at the time when her first child, Wiliam Walker Marston was born.

Stanhope Walter Marston's guns were marked Stanhope Marston or S.W. Marston

J. Maslin Cooper modified the original Marston patent, see Cooper, J. Maslin and patents RE 783 and RE 1029

.31 caliber percussion, two barrel handgun, ring trigger, swivel breech