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Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co. 163 Fulton Street New York City New York May 26, 1855 1868

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Incorporated for $ 40000 on May 26, 1855 in New York City but plant was probably in Norwich

Becames American Strandard Tool Company in November 23, 1868

.30 caliber percussion, 5 shot pepperbox, 3" barrel

Percussion Pepperbox serial #90, 30 caliber, 3" fluted five shot barrels. This pepperbox has an engraved frame and plain nipple shield. Metal surfaces are a smooth brown patina with strong markings and little or no pitting present. The walnut grips rate very good. The pistol is cased in an old but not original wooden case which contains a correct 30 cal mould, a correct push rod, key and a drilled ball as mentioned in the documents with the piece. Also included is the correct but unmarked pepper box powder and nipple trap flask. This pistol comes with a letter from a previous owner stating that it was acquired from the grandaughter of Terrence McGowan who was a Civil war veteran serving as a tailor to officer's in the 9th U.S. Infantry. The letter was written by a Doctor Hartman of Daly City Ca, in l991 to the well known and highly respected arms dealer Mitch Luksich of Sonoma Ca, setting out the back ground history. According to the letter and attached documents the original owner carried the pepperbox during the Civil War, the pistol was apparently purchased by the doctor in the late l950's or early 60's. The history is what is included and may be further researched if someone had the interest. The original owner had attachments to Maine, California and the Civil War. Aside from any historical connection, it is a mechanically sound piece with good assessories.

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