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Machine Gun Williams, R.S.

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Machine Gun Williams, R.S.   Covington Kentucky 1861 1865

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The first one was build in the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia in September 1861 and was used at the Battle of Seven Pines next spring. The Confederate War Department ordered 20 more. It is believed that totally 39 guns were made. R.S. Williams got the autority to raise a light artillery company to equippe whith his guns. The battery had six of the guns.

Battle at Blue Springs, Tennessee in October 1863 where the gun was used with the 4th Kentucky cavalry.

Ten guns were kept by the US at Danville, Virginia in 1865.

1.57" caliber projectile with a range of 2000 yards, crank operated and fired 65 rounds/minute, four foot long barrel and mounted on a two wheel carriage, actually only four guns are known (West Point, Watervliet, Virginia Military Institure and at the Kentucky museum.