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Lowmaster, J.

Name Street Town State From To
Lowmaster, John   York, York County Pennsylvania 1783  
Lowmaster, John   Richland Township, Fairfield County Ohio 1830 1832

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Lohn Laumeister (different spelling) was born on April 2, 1783 in York, Pennsylvania, died on July 27, 1832 in Richland Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. Father Frederick Laumeister, born in 1754, mother Maria Reissinger, born 1756 both of York. Jacob, George, Carl and Heinrich were his brothers and Elizabeth his sister.

Married to Anna Amelia Schultz. They had thirteen children, Anna Maria, Sarah, Susanna, Eleanora, John, Reben, Rebecca, Henry, Jeferson Schultz, William Rudisil, Ann Amelia, Alexander and Jacob.

He was listened as gunsmith in Ohio (Census 1830). Eventually identical to Johannes Laumeister.

York School

Maker of Kentucky style rifles and pistols marked J. Lowmaster.

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right side
right side + ramrod
view on hammer
left side
shaft right side
triggerguard bottom
shaft top