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Linberg, Charles J. and Phillips, William J.

Name Street Town State From To
Linberg, Charles J. and Phillips, William J.   St. Louis Missouri 1870  

Patent Date Remarks
109,914 December 6, 1870 Patent drawing

Contract for

Two cylinder revolver. Each cylinder contains a firing pin located between two of the chambers. The rear cylinder is locked with the firing pin under the hammer by a pin protruding from the recoil shield. When the revolver is fully loaded, six shots point towards the muzzle and six towards the breech! After the first six are fired, the two cylinders, which are fastened together by a nipple shield, are turned end for end and remaining six shots are ready for firing. The chambers were constructed so that the nipples could be screwed out and metallic cartridges used. Probably no production was made.