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Liddle & Kaeding

Name Street Town State From To
Liddle & Kaeding 538 Washington Street San Francisco California 1866 1889

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Robert Liddle and Charles van Buren Kaeding bought the Bogart Brothers Sportsmen's Emporium in 1859. The company was known as R. Liddle & Co. When Kaeding became an active parter in 1866 the company was named Liddle & Kaeding. They also kept the Sportsmen's Emporium name. In the mid 1870s they were the largest firearms dealer in San Francisco.

In 1889 Kaeding left the company and the name changed again to Liddle & Co. (Robert Liddle and his both sons George and Robert H.). The father retired in 1895 and Robert H. Liddle became the administrator of the company until its closure in 1898.

.32 r.f. caliber, 5 shot revolver, 3,25" barrel, fluted cylinder