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Lether, Jacob

Name Street Town State From To
Lether, Jacob   Yorktown Pennsylvania 1800  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Also Leather or Ledder, having contracts for muskets and was associated to John Graeff and Abraham Henry

Letter of Jerremia Mosher to Clement Biddle

"Of the arms manufactured by John Graeff and Abraham Henry at Lancaster, there stored and ready for delivery seven hundred and forty-two stands. In a short time, they expect to have two hundred more ready for delivery.

Of these manufactured by Jacob Leather at Yorktown, there are stored and ready for delivery five hundred and nineteen stands.

I have been twice to Strasburg at the manufactory of Fundersmith. I find he has not a single musket ready and only five barrels on hand. He has, I believe, about 200 locks."

Peter Gatz of Lancaster was appointed by Governor McKean on February 12, 1800 in place of Col. Mosher to inspect arms manufactured by Henry and Greaff of Lancaster, Jacob Lather and Conrad Welshans of York, and John FOndersmith of Strasburg.