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Leonard, George Jr.

Name Street Town State From To
Leonard, George Jr.   Charlestown Massachusetts    
Leonard, George Jr.   Shrewabery Worcester, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1849 1856

Patent Date Remarks
6,723 September 18th, 1849 Improved Fire-Arm with several Stationary Barrels and a Revolving Hammer
Patent drawing
Specification, 2nd page
14,820 May 6, 1856 Improvement in Repeating Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
Patent drawing, 2nd page
Specification, 2nd page
Specification, 3rd page

Contract for

The patent 6,723 had to use by Sharps. See Sharps

.31 caliber, pepperbox, 4 barrels 3,25" in length, ring trigger. Approximately 200 manufactured between 1849 and 1850