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Leman, Henry E.

Name Street Town State From To
Leman, Henry E. Corner of North Duke and East Walnut Streets Lancaster Pennsylvania 1834 1887

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
U.S. Government on 1837 500 Indian rifles at $ 14 each

Born March 8, 1812 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, apprenticed to Melchoir Fordney. In 1831 he moved worked for the Tryon COmpany, Philadelphia. He returned to Lancaster in 1834.

Kentucky Rifles, Indian Trade Guns, duelling Pistols, Shot Guns single and double barrel

Leman's letter to the American Fur Company (Library of the New York Historical Society) of January 27, 1837

I am aware of your formerly receiving Rifles from this place (during my appenticeship at Rifle Making) and none very lately. I can manufacture Rifles at the following prices,
Single trigger - pan, lock, checkered and engraved $ 12
Single trigger - pan, lock, checkered and engraved long tang breech $12
Warranted equal to any manufactured, a sample can be had for inspection. The small advance since you received Rifles from this place is owing to the advance in Materials and Wages.
H.E. Leman"

on April 25, 1837 Leman offered the same guns to them at $11 and asked for reply.

In 1843 he wrote to Ramsay Crooks, American Fur Company, and asked for permission to manufacture guns for the Fur Company.

It is believed, that the following persons worked for Leman:
Jacob Brock, Lewis Ealer, Benjamin Fox, Andrew Frailey, Samuel Hambright, Levi N. Hart, Christopher Hinkle, Charles Howerter, Henry Howerter, Frederick Honig, John Remly, Adam Ropp, Henry Sheaff, Enoch Stokes, William Troyer, Solomon Weidman and John Werner.

All his life he refused to manufacture breech-loading guns.