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Lee, (Paris) James

Name Street Town State From To
Lee, (Paris) James   Stevens Point Wisconsin 1862 1864
Lee, (Paris) James   Milwaukee Wisconsin 1865 1874
Lee, (Paris) James   Springfield Massachussetts 1875  

Patent Date Remarks
35,941 July 22, 1862 Inprovement in Breech-Loading Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
Specification 2

Contract for

See Lee Firearms Co. and Lee Arms Company

Born August 28, 1831 in Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland and died on February 24, 1904 in New Haven, Connecticut.

First immigrated to Canada the family moved to Chatham. In 1838/1839 James Lee started to work in his father'sjeweller's shop and experimented with firearms.

Around 1850 James Lee opend his own shop and got his first firearm patent in 1862. This was for a single shot breech-loader in .44 caliber. 1000 of them were ordered by U.S. on April 18, 1865 but later cancelled due to missunderstanding about the calibre. Despite claim of damages from the U.S. Lee was forced to close his shop.

In 1878 Lee invented a rifle with a box magazine (30 rounds per minute). Several ten tousands were sold to the U.S. Navy and became standard for the British Army for over 60 years. The British baught the patent rights for 50000 pounds and paid 50 cents for each magazine. This is the famous Lee Enfield which was produced in Enfield, England in 1888.

Lee Model 1895 also known as the M1895 Lee, "Navy Lee", "Winchester-Lee 1895", M1895 Winchester-Lee, ...

.32 r.f. long or short, single shot deringer, 3 5/8" barrel rotaded to the left for loading, serial number was stamped on bottom of the barrel, on the top of the frame and on the extractor and written inside the grips, production was very small and probably did not exceeded 100