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Kreps, William

Name Street Town State From To
Kreps, William   Hagerstown Maryland 1790 1820s

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William Kreps had six transactions of property, one mortage, one release, the purchase of one slave and one bill of sale in the Washington County Courthouse during his lifetime. He also participated in the purchase of ground for the Mount Zion Reform Church. His first deed for $260 current money on April 2, 1798, was for the property of gunsmith Ernst Dietz. On December 19, 1800, he also purchased from gunsmith John Gonter his house for $500. A mortage indenture was from gunsmith George Kreps Sr. on July 5, 1811. He was known as a gunsmith and hatter. On May 2, 1804, Kreps formed a partnership with George Binkley in the dry goods and grocery business that was formerly Geroge Binkley and Co. This partnership was dissolved in September of the same year. The mortgage holder George Sr. and William were both active in the fire company in 1808. He was appointed postmaster of Elizabeth Town on April 10, 1807. In the 1820 Washington County census there are two William Kreps. One of them was a member of the building committee of the German Reform Church at Cavetown when the corner stone was laid on August 8, 1827. The William Kreps who was later a post-master died in his 51st year on March 4, 1822. For additional information see Maryland Longrifles Hartzler/Whisker.