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Joy, Andres S.

Name Street Town State From To
Joy, Andres S. St. Clair Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1833 1847

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Advertisement in Pittsburgh Democrat and Workman's Advocate of February 2, 1838

GUN MANUFACTORY, ST CLAIR STREET, PTITSBURG, THE subscriber respectully informs the citizens of Pittsburgh ant its vicinity, that he continues the manufacturing, and keeps constantly on hand and for sale, Rifles, Smooth-Bore, Shot GUns, Single and Double barreled Rifles, Belt and Pocket Pistols, Powder Flasks and Horns & c. & C. All kinds of Gun repairing done in the most substatial, and durable manner, on shortest notice. Persons wishing to purchase any of the above articles are requested to call and examine his stock. ANDREW S. JOY

His comercial was damaged in the great Pittsburgh fire of 1845 however he stayed in business in Pittsburgh until 1847