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Jenks, Alfred & Son

Name Street Town State From To
Jenks, Alfred & Son   Bridesburg Pennsylvania    
Jenks, Alfred & Son   Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1861 1865

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
War Department, July 13th, 1861 25,000 Model 1861 rifle muskets
War Department, October 7th, 1861 25,000 Model 1861 rifle muskets
War Department, December 15th, 1863 50,000 Model 1861 (and Model 1863 ?) rifle muskets
War Department, February 1st, 1865 6,000 Model 1863 rifle muskets

The Jenks family had many skilled craftsman. Joseph Jenks (1602 - 1683) got the first patent granted in the American Colonies in 1646 for an improved sawmill.

Alfred Jenks of Holmesburg, Pennsylvania had a regular manufacture of textile machinery at Holmesburg. He moved his business to Bridesburg around 1819. About 1860 this was the leadiing cotton textile machine builder in Pennsylvania. The company figured as Bridesburg Machine Works, Alfred Jenks & Son or Alfred Jenks & Sons Machine Works, Bridesburg.

Barton Howard Jenks raised a regiment to fight the southern troops when invaded in Pennsylvania.

Barton Howards Jenks son, Llywellyn Howard Jenks (1862 - 1939) was a pioneer American refrigeration engineer.

After the Civil War Jenks lost control of the company and most of the family fortune by speculation in railroads in the 1870s.

The Barton H. Jenks Papers providing detailed information about the Civil War rifle manufacture can been found at Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware.

During the Civil War Alfred Jenks and his son Barton Howard Jenks run a gun factory (Bridesburg Armory) and produced with 600 workers about 100,000 Enfield rifles and Springfield rifled muskets at a daily rate of about 200.

Manufactured rifle muskets Model 1861 and Model 1863 for the War Deprtement from 1862 to 1865