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Jenks Carbine

Name Street Town State From To
Jenks Carbine   Springfield Massachusetts 1841 1846

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
US Navy several contract from 1841 to 1846 for about 3,250 of his "mule ear" carbines
US Navy, September 22, 1845 for 1,000 of his "mule ear" carbines with Maynard tape primer

.54 caliber percussion, carbine (Jenks Mule Ear Carbine), 24 1/4" round barrel with 6 groves, side hammer, some with a tape primer device.
Approximately 4,250 were made between 1841 and 1846

The early guns were manufactured by N.P. Ames, Springfield Massachusetts. In 1846 the final contract was purchased from Ames and William Jenks. The contract was completed by E. Remington, Herkimer, New York. Remington than filled the contract of September 22, 1845. These guns where wholly new carbines and their production was survied by William Jenks personally.

right side

.54 caliber percussion, Jenks Navy Rifle, side hammer, 30" round barrel, full length stock, three barrel bands.
Approximately 1,000 were produced in 1841.