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Jarecki, Henry

Name Street Town State From To
Jarecki, Henry State Street Erie Pennsylvania 1861 1872

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Prussian citizen (born in Posen in 1826) came to America in 1849. Formed in the trade of brass founding and established in 1849 a foundry in Erie. Made rifles marked J.Jarecki, Erie, Pa. He is listed as gunsmiths in the Pennsylvania Business Directory of 1861.

Advertisement in this directory

HENRY JARECKI, State St., bet. 8th and 9th, Erie, Pa. BRASS FOUNDRY and GUN SHOP, Manufacturer and Dealer in Iron Railing, Double and Single Barreled Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, Revolvers, Fishing Tackle, Sporting Apparatus and Fire-gilt Lightning-rod Points, Also Scales, Pumps, Lead pipe, Bells & c. All articles in my line of trade sold at wholesale and retail, at the lowest prices. Repairing in all of these branches neatly executed."

In 1872 he established the Jarecki Manufacturing Company but guns were not longer in his business scope.