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Iron City Gun Works

Name Street Town State From To
Iron City Gun Works 118 Third Street Pittsburg Pennsylvania 1856 1877
Iron City Gun Works 330 Liberty Street Pittsburg Pennsylvania 1877  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Founded by William Craig in 1856. Craig was joind by another gunsmith D.J. M'Donald.

Pittsburgh Daily Dispatch, December 5, 1856

"Wm Craig & D. J. M'Donald. Iron City Gun Works. Wm Craig & Co. Manufacturers of Plain and Fancy RIfles and Shot GUns. No. 118 Third Street, Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Daily Dispatch, January 20, 1857

"IRON CITY GUN WORKS-D.J. M'Donald, Manufacturer of Plain and Fancy Rifles and Shot GUns, No. 118 Third Street, Pittsburgh.

Very likely William Craig had already left the company at that time.

It is possible that H.H. Schutte succeeded M'Donald at his death in 1864.