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Hunter Arms Company

Name Street Town State From To
Hunter Arms Company   Fulton New York   1917 or 1945

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See Smith, L.C., Smith, L.C. Gun Co. and Hunter & Comstock Arms

John Hunter bought out the L.C. Smith Company in 1889 and formed Hunter & Comstock Arms. The company manufactured soon the L.C. Smith hammer gun. This gun was called Elsie and of very good workmanship. At it's time it was one of the top five shotguns (Elsie, Ithaca, Levever, Parker and Fox) around the year 1900.

The company went bankrupt in 1817. The company was purchased by Fulton business men. In 1945 the company was sold to Marlin. It seems that at this time the company's name was L.C. Smith Gun Company.