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Humbarger, Adam

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Humbarger, Adam   Somerset Ohio 1833 1834

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In the Colt vs. Massachusetts Arms Co. of 1851 he describes his gun as: "The barrel in these pistols is revolved in the following manner: - There is a ratchet-wheel screwed in the end of the barrel, the barrel is turned by a lever which is attached to a bridle, which bridle is attached to the mainspring, and on the forward end of the lever there is a small dog fastened to the lever with a small spring bearing upon the dog, - the spring is attached to the lever, which causes the dog to be thrown into the notches of the ratchet-wheel. By means of pulling the trigger, it brings clown the mainspring, which brings clown the hind end of the lever with the mainspring, which causes the front end of the lever an upward motion, which is then connected with the teeth of the ratchet-wheel, and that turns the barrel, and the same operation cocks the lock. When the hammer comes clown on the nipple the mainspring rises again and draws up the hind end of the lever, which brings the small dog to another notch of the ratchet-wheel ready to lift again as before."

Non has been identified. Probably pepperbox type.