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Howell, William T. & Co.

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Howell, William T. & Co. 196 Market Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1834  

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Most likely merchant or importers

Commercial Herald, Philadelphia, July 3, 1834

"GUNS AND PISTOLS: The Subscribers have just received late arrival from Liverpool, a further supply of Guns and Pistols, consisting of Double Barrel Flint and Percussion Guns, Superior double barrel stub or twist do. A few very superior guns, in mahogany cases, with all the apparatus complets.
Also, two double barrel Guns, of the manufacture of the celebrated Wesley Richards, of very superior finish.
Single barrel Flint and Percussion Guns.
Stub and twist single barrel do.
Long Squirrel Guns, with very small calibers.
Also, one twisted single barrel gun, sent as a sample, combining the flint and Percussion principle, so that the flint and the percussion lock may be used separately or together.

Pocket Pistols, with plain and secret triggers.
Belt Pistols, with clasps and secret triggers.
Improved do with patent lock.
Holster Pistols of the usual kind.
For sale at very reduced prices by
WM. T. HOWELL & CO., No. 196 Market Street, 2d door below the Schuylkill Bank.