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Hooper, Robert Lettis Jr.

Name Street Town State From To
Hooper, Robert Lettis Jr. Water Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1763  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Most likely only a wholesaler.

Pennsylvania Journal, August 18, 1763

"To be sold by Robert Lettis Hooper, Jr., at his store in Water Street, three doors above Chestnut Street, wholesale or retail.
A Parcel of small, handy musquets, well mounted, and neatly fitted with iron rods, and small bayonets, the locks are large and well made, 3d, 4d, 6d, 8d, 10d, 12d, and 20d nails, pork, common and salt, gammons, a quality of butter in firkins and mackerel by the barrel."

Robert Lettis Hooper, Jr, born about 1739 in New Jersey, son of Robert Lettis Hooper, Sr. Together with his brother Jacob he entered the milling business. This partnership ended 1761. He than opened a store in Philadelphia with less success and was forced to close the business. He than was contracted fo rmaking land surveys. During the Revolution he became Deputy Quater Master General and was responsible for the area Northampton, Bucks, Berks and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania and for Sussex County in New Jersey.

After the Independence War he became one of the proprietors of the Durham Iron Works. He laid out the towns of Mine hill and Bloomsbury. In 1785 he became a member of the Council of New Jersey and served as its Vice President for three years. He died in 1797 without having left children.