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Hoffman, Louis

Name Street Town State From To
Hoffman, Louis China Street Vicksburg Mississippi 1854  
Hoffman, Louis Washington Street Vicksburg Mississippi   1879
Hoffman, Louis Clay Street (known as Hoffman block) Vicksburg Mississippi 1879  

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Contract for

Louis Ferdinand Alexander Hoffman, born in Berlin, Prussia in 1823. He worked for Borsing (machine shop). In 1852 he migrated to American, first to Patterson, New Jersey in 1852. than he moved to St. Louis, Missoury and finally to Vicksburg in 1854.

From 1854 to 1857 he worked as Zimmerman and Reading Foundry. In 1857 he started his own business.

Advertisement in the Vicksburg Daily Whig, October 1857
"New gun shop - Louis Hoffman takes pleasure in informing his community and the public generally that he will carry on the gunsmith business and all its branches. It will make rifles to order, stock guns and pistols, etc."

In 1886 the former Louis Hoffmann or Hoffman Hardware Company was incorporated and the name changed to Louis Hoffman Hardware Company, Inc., Hoffman Block, Vicksburg, Mississippi. This company became O'Neil McNamarra Hardware Company somehow in the 20th century. Francis Xavier Leray McNamara was employed as an office boy at Louis Hoffman Hardware Company in 1898.

During the Civil War Hoffman was a main supplier to the Confederacy and was put on trial of arming the insurgents when VIcksurg felt.

Maker of Deringer-Style Pocket Pistols, .58 caliber percussion half stock Plains Rifles

.58 caliber percussion, 33 1/2" octagonal barrel, fired a "Mine Ball"

left side
right side