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Henry, William Sr.

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Henry, William Sr.   Lancaster Pennsylvania 1750s  

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The Henry family were famous for over one hundred years. The gunsmithing family started in Lancaster PA around the Revolution with
William Henry, 1729 - 1786
William Henry, 1757 - 1821
John Joseph Henry, 1786 - 1836
William Henry, 1794 - 1878
James Henry, 1809 - 1895
Granville Henry, 1834 - 1924
in the Nazareth, Boulton and Philadelphia areas of Pennsylvania.

The family provided guns for the American Fur Trade and, after the Civil War, made low cost shotguns using surplus Austrian Musket barrels.

He and his descendants were among the first really large scale industrial gun-manufacturers in the U.S.

During the Revolutin he made hundreds of rifles and muskets for the Revolutionary Government.

After the Revolution the Henry family continued working for federal and state governments, for individuals, shotguns (American Fur Company Tradeguns), pistols and pocket pistols.

Under Joseph Henry they had an price / profit calculation for each piece they manufactured. They had about 40% profit on rifles and 50% on sales of rifled barrels. Their factory ran until 1895.