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Henry's Gun Factory

Name Street Town State From To
Henry's Gun Factory   Lancaster ? Pennsylvania 1750s ? 1780s ?
Henry's Gun Factory   Belfast, Northampton county Pennsylvania 1800s 1904

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William Henry, born May 29, 1729, died December 15, 1786 was a gunsmith and founder of the Henry's Gun Factory in Lancaster. He provides guns to the British during the French and Indian War and to the Continental Army during the Revolution.

From 1894 to 1786 he was a delegate for Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress.

In other records (more likely see Henry William on my site) and on the official marker nearby the factory it is said, that this Gun factory was built about 1800 by William Henry II. They would have made guns for the 1812 Britsh American War. The company would have been in trade until 1904 producing the Henry shotgun.