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Hart, Aaron

Name Street Town State From To
Hart, Aaron Front corner Wood street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1810 1815

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Likely same as the Aaron Hart who was partner and cousin to David Vance. David was the son of Major Robert Vance, who served seven years in the Revolutionary army. David Vance operated a keelboat line between Pittsburg and Limestone (now Maysville, Kentucky). Aaron Hart's brother, John Hart, New Jersey was one of the signers of the Declaration of Indebendence.

Pittsburg Gazette, January 17, 1812

AARON Hart, GUNSMITH. Carries on that business, in all its various branches, at the corner of Front and Wood Streets. He has contantly on hand a variety of Rifles, Fowling Pieces, etc. and can supply those who may require any particular pattern, at the shortest notice. GUns repaired expeditiously and with care.

Advertisement of gunsmith Isaac Ferree, who left the city in the same year, saying that he had left his stock of repaired guns with Aaron Hart. A similar advertisement appeared in the Pittsburgh Gazette in 1813.

Hart was operating a fery across the Monogahela River in 1815. He entered the shipping business in or about 1819. By 1823 he owned seven keelboats and interest in the steamboat PENNSYLVANIA.

A last advertisement appeared in 1826 saying having a quantitiy of nails, pig lead, whiskey etc. for sale at his warehouse on Wood Street.