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Hamilton Rifle Company

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Hamilton Rifle Company   Plymouth, Wayne County Michigan 1898 1945

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See also Clarence J. Hamilton

Started ^with the Plymoutn Windmill Company in 1882 Clarence Hamilton and a friend started to produce an all-metal air rifle which was given to thosw gurchasing an iron windmill. Shortly so in 1895 more rifles than windmills were produced. This was the start of the Hamilton Rifle Company of Plymouth which produced fourteen different models of its rifle.

Some records says that they where in firearms business form 1887 to 1933. They would have made airguns and Rolling Block boys rifles,

.22 caliber, Model 7, marked HAMILTON RIFLE CO.OF PLYMOUTH MICH.PAT.PEND'G.NO.7,22 CAL., 8"barrel, made from 1899 to 1901