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Hall, John Hancock

Name Street Town State From To
Hall, John Hancock   Hapers Ferry Virginia 1781 1841

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

In 1811 hee and William Thornton got a patent for a breech-loading, flintlock rifle.

Hall, John Hancock was engaged to standardizise production in order to have parts interchangeable. He worked for Harpers Ferry.

.50 caliber, flintlock, breech-loadin pistol, 5 5/8" bronze octagon barrel, resemblance in design with U.S. Rifle, Model 1819

.52 caliber, flintlock, Model 1819 Musket, 32 3/4" round barrel, marked J.H. HALL / H. FERRY / US / 1838 on the breechblock. Made 1817 to 1840.
Same model was manufactured by S. North who made a grat number of the Hall guns 1830 to 1836.
This one is reported in .58 caliber Marks of that gun

.54 caliber, manufactured in 1830 and converted to Lindner Breechloading System, 32 1/2" round barrel.

left side breech open breech closed

The carbines were made from 1834 to 1853.

.52 caliber or . 58 caliber, Model 1833, 26 1/4" barrel, mady by S. North

.64 caliber, Model 1836, 23" barrel, made in Harpers Ferry

Confederate alteration of an Hall Rifle Model 1819, breechblock marked J.H. HALL / U.S. / 1839.

left side
right side
breechblock left side
breechblock right side

.52 caliber, Model 1840, 21" barrel, made by S. North. Two different pattern are known. The first one is very rare.

.52 caliber, Model 1842, 21" barrel, made in Harpers Ferry

.52 caliber, Model 1843, 21" barrel, made by S. North until 1853