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Hall, Albert

Name Street Town State From To
Hall, Albert   Danville Iowa 1853  

Patent Date Remarks
37,961 March 24, 1863 Patent drawing

Contract for

This patent for great many impractical features, frailty and apparent lack of usefulness. Although six c1aims were granted by the patent office, at least five of them had been anticipated by other patents as much as thirty years previously. The outstanding feature of the patent was not even patented. This was the cartridge used, a semi-self-contained metallic round. As Hall himself expressed it, "the percussion-primers of peculiar construction, which are employed with the cartridges with which I propose to load the arm" were made by attaching a tubular percussion cap loosely to the base of the cartridges. The exploded percussion tube remained in the cylinder after the cartridge was fired. The bullet shield on the front of the cylinder dropped down so that the chambers could be loaded. The hammer was almost entirely enclosed; only the hammer spur protruded.