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Gumpf, Christopher

Name Street Town State From To
Gumpf, Christopher   Lancaster Pennsylvania 1779 1820

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
Order of General Hand, Lancaster, February 7, 1794 about 100 Continental Rifles
Ordnance Department of the United States on 1809 Rifles

Kentucky Rifles and Pistols

Christopher Gumps was born 1760 and died in 1844. It is said that he learned business from Jacob Messersmith.

The 1794 Continental Rifles were shipped to Middletown, Northumberland, Luzerne, Mifflin and Huntington Counties and Philadelphia

For the 1809 contract Gumpf was associated with Jacob Dickert, George Miller, John Bender and Peter Gonter

Christopher was associated with Peter Gonter, Jacob Dickert, John Graeff, Henry Albright, Peter Brong, Jacob Messersmith and Chris. Kline.