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Griswold & Gunnison

Name Street Town State From To
Griswold & Gunnison   Griswoldville Georgia October 1862 November 1864

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Samuel Griswold, born 29- December 1790 in Windsor Connecticut. In 1835 he bought about 5000 acres of land in the Jones County, about 10 miles south of Macon. He build serveral buildings, cottages for his employees a church and a post office which was the foundation of Griswoldville. His coton gin was lesased to the Confederate Government in 1862.

Arvin.W. Gunnison partner of the firm Griswold & Gunnison had begun the manufacture of pistols in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1862, wht the city fell to the North, he has moved his machinery to Grisworldville. The factory was burned in November 1864 by Grig. Gen J.L. Kilpatrick, 3rd Cavalry Division during Sherman's campagne to the see.

.36 caliber percussion, 6 shot revolver, 7.5" barrel
Production about 3,700 between 1862 and 1864. Also named Griswold & Gier.
Number 3234 from 1864 Number 2571 right side

.36 caliber percussion, 2nd Model Navy Revolver
No 2642, left side No 2642, right side
The serial # is 2642 and matches all the way through with even the original wedge.  There is literally not even one screw that has been touched or isn't original.  The soldier's initials "R.H.G." are nicely carved into the brass butt strap.
Cylinder left side Cylinder right side initials

.36 caliber percussion, 2nd Model Navy Revolver
2nd Model, left side same, right side

other one, 2nd Model, left side same, right side

Highest number recordes is 3606, almost as many as all the other Confederate makers put together.