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Greene, J. Durrell

Name Street Town State From To
Greene, J. Durrell   Cambridge Massachusetts 1850s  
Greene, J. Durrell   Chicopee Falls Massachusetts 1850s  

Patent Date Remarks
? January 3, 1954 Preventing escape of gas for revolvers
? June 27, 1854 Preventing escape of gas for revolvers
18,143 September 8, 1857 Improovement in Cartridges for Breech-Loading Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
? February 1862 Bolt Action Carbine

Contract for
US Army between 1855 and 1857 300
Russia in 1859 3000 Greens Carbines (when Green was traveling to EUrope)
England ? ?
Ordnance Department in 1863 900 Green bolt action carbines

Patent of Lieutnant Colonel James Durrell Green of the US Army with residence in Cambridge from 1854 to 1869. Green carbines were made by the Massachusetts Arms COmpany, Chicopee Falls during 1855 and 1857. 170 of thes were issued for field trials during 1857 but were rejected by the Ordnance Department as this gun was very difficult to operate from horse back. It seems that the carbines for the trials were in .45 caliber whereas the common gun was .54 caliber. Anyway,

.54 caliber percussion, breech-loading carbine, Green Carbine, with Maynard tape primer, 22" round barrel, marked MASS ARMS CO/CHICOPEE FALLS and GREEN'S PAT./JUNE 27, 1854 MAYNARD'S PATENT. SEP. 22, 1845