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Gilmore, J.B.

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Gilmore, J.B.   Shreveport Louisiana 1853 1861

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Jerome Bonaparte Gilmore was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky in 1827. He came to Shreveport in 1849. Before opening his own shop in 1853 he worked for David Pobst.

Maker of Deringer-Style Pocket Pistols marked


Those manufactured by Henry Deringer but sold by Gilmore were stamped

Mand for
J. B. Gilmore
Shreveport, La.

Advertisement in the Caddo Gazette, 3 February 1855

"J.B. Gilmore, Gun Manufacturer,
Shreveport, La., two doors below the
City Hotel on Texas St.

To my friends and customers. After an absence for four month, I am again in my post, during which time I have visited the best Gun Manufacturers of the West and South, that I might make myself acquainted with the more recent and valuable improvements in gunnery. And can now assure my customers that any work entrusted to me will be finished in the best style, with such vulualbe improvements as habe been made in the work. I will keep constantly on hand Shot Guns, Pistols of all kinds, including Colt's celebrated repeaters of all size, Game and Shot bags, Powder Flasks and Horns, Bullet bags, Capprimers, Tubes and tube wrenches, Bullet-moulds, Gun Barrels, Locks, Triggers, Ribbs, Mounting, Baldwin & Anderson's Patent Wadding, Eley's wire Cartridge, Cox & Eley's caps, also Colt's metal lined for his repeating pistols, and a good assortment of all other kinds. Hazard & Dupont's power, both keg and canister of the finest quality. A few of the celebrated patent-muzzle Rifles for long shooting, these guns are far ahead of all others that are made, on account of the great distance as well as the accuracy with which they can be fired. Rifles of all sizes and qualities made to order. All kinds of guns and pistols repaired in the neatest manner, and shortest notice, warranted to stand."

Gilmore served in the Confederate States of America army as of May 17, 1861 as Capitain of F Company, Shreveport Rangers, 3rd Regiment. After return of the war he joined a cotton firm. In the First City Directory of 1878 he is listed as resident at 506 Cotton St.

.38 caliber percussion, single shot deringer, 3 1/4" barrel
right side

.41 caliber percussion, single shot deringer, 3 1/4" barrel
right side

.41 caliber percussion, single shot deringer, 3 1/2" barrel
right side